McDermott Miller Limited are consultants in strategic planning and management, development planning, resource management and marketing planning.

We help business clients devise strategies to increase market share, competitive advantage and profits. We help government clients identify public needs and expectations, and develop cost-effective and accountable public services.


Our commitment is to increase the effectiveness of organisations through assisting them to identify and adopt effective management practices, marketing and development strategies.

Our methods and processes are consultative and enabling.

We aim to improve the performance of organisations through the application of strategic planning, marketing and management techniques in a manner which respects and empowers the organisation’s creativity, supports their professionalism and confirms their community importance.


McDermott Miller Limited has commercial and public sector experience.

We have recognised consulting experience and expertise with independent reviews of organisation structures, management systems, policies and operational procedures of public and commercial organisations.

We specialise in strategic and marketing planning for leisure, culture, recreation, tourism, retailing, property and construction, transport, industry, agriculture, forestry and urban development. We maintain in-house databases and models in each of these areas.

McDermott Miller offers a wide range of related consultancy services to clients including:

·         Strategic Management

·         Strategic Planning and Policy Development

·         Marketing Planning

·         Development Planning

·         Services to Businesses

·         Market Modelling